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Commission This Guy! (Advertisement lawl)


Commission this guy! He could use a lil' money an' quite frankly NEEDS TO DRAW MORE STUFF. X3

Seriously, he could use some money though. Couldn't we all? D: His prices are reasonable and his art is quality stuff, plus he's quiiiick with money-to-art turnaround, so throw 'im a few bucks and get somethin' spiffy done for yerself or fer someone else, today!

... He does poooooorn! :D And and and...booooondaaaaage stuff! And and ...snuggles? Cute snuggles? Adorable, warm, fluffy snuggles? XD Oh! And scenes! He does scenes too!

Jessica Elwood

Greetings, miserable people of internet land! Jessica U. Ingmann here and I've got a whopper of a tale fer ya all! In case ya been livin' under a rock fer th' past week (or otherwise don't care about The FURRAY DRAMAZ), one specific individual's come under fire as of late due ta a series of events happenin' on art site "deviantART". Basically, one Jessica Elwood posted some images of herself on dA last week which turned out not ta be her at all! Once she was busted on it, she posted an apologetic journal entry, but a short time later, that entry was replaced with a very STRANGE entry wherein it appeared her account had been hit by internet superstar "Anonymous". Problem bein' looked all wrong! On top'a that, her gallery was untouched until later that day (afterwhich the account was "perma-banned"...for about a week), among other things. Thus, it appeared as thought either A. a MASSIVELY inexperienced person brute-forced their way in ta ruin Jess, but failed miserably in doin' so, or B. Jess defaced her OWN crap. Now, I'm kinda on the fence about the whole thing myself. Could'a been Anonymous. Could'a been Jess. Only Jess knows fer sure (in theory). Regardless, since this happened a great many people who once loved Jess now seem ta hate her guts! This got me thinkin' real hard last night and I came up with some theories...

1. She has a history'a not goin' through with commissions. If she owes you commission(s)/a refund, this might be a good time ta strike, petty as it may be.
2. Ya liked the idea that a (probably) hot girl drew really kick ass art but the idea of a GUY drawin' kick ass art doesn't appeal ta ya fer some reason.
3. Yer insecure in yer sexuality or otherwise don't like the idea that OMG A GUY IS PLAYING A GIRL CHARACTER?!?!!11
4. Rather than want the catfoxsquirrelchimerathing, ya wanted inta Jess' pants IRL an' these rumors made yer testicles/ovaries shrivel and made you BAWWWWWWWW 'cuz there's (theoretically) no REAL Jess ta plow!

Of the four reasons, that first one in my opinion seems th' most rational (and dare say LOGICAL!) reason ta randomly show outward aggression toward Jess. The others -- particularly that last one (SHAME ON YOU FAGGOTS) -- are all pretty poor reasons ta hate someone:
If she inadvertently broke yer heart by (STILL THEORETICALLY) turnin' out ta be a guy, I DO feel fer ya. I can't rightly figure on her actually RETURNIN' yer love since she was EXTREMELY quiet about 'er personal life, but I DO feel fer ya.
If ya fell in love with the CHARACTER but suddenly hate her 'cuz she's played by a guy THEN YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY NEW TO THE INTERNET. There's a BAJILLION girls out there that aren't REALLY girls! Fer all you folks know, I could be a guy! I'm NOT, but I COULD be! X3 Regardless, if the fantasy if all you were int'rested in, keep on fantasizin'! Jessica Elwood, the foxbatgoatsquirrelthing, STILL EXISTS! Shocking, I know, but just 'cuz the creator is (POSSIBLY) a dude doesn't make the CHARACTER any less of a GIRL! :O
If, fer some reason, the idea of a (THEORETICAL) dude who draws kick ass, huge-chested art posin' as a girl (who does the same) made you hate Jess, you SERIOUSLY gotta reevaluate yer position on things... Talk about fuggin' PETTY! Yeah, she lied about those photos, but she (temporarily) apologized. And if it turns out SHE was th' one that "hacked" herself, does that make her any less of a kick ass artist? Less of a PERSON, sure. Less of an artist? I think not.

You people really need'a think about what'cha say before ya decide ta go ahead and hate on Jess fer whatever petty reasons ya think are valid. Outward hatin' NOW while the iron's still HOT of all times is petty in an' of itself, but if yer hate stems from some idiotic, selfish reason as I mentioned above, then you got some serious fuggin' issues an' I pity th' HELL outta you. :|
Drunk Talk

An unusually somber entry

Boy... Pokin' around in my SL inventory brings back memories. I looket how I once was and can't help but think, "God DAMN I was involved in a lotta drama! Was that really ME?" Then I think about how I am now and go "Hm... Has all that much REALLY changed?" Then I answer. "Mmmmmmyeah. Lots. TONS even!" Terrible, terrible me from 2005 vs. awesome awesome me from 2010. Five years can really change a person. o.o

Blacks!? On MY Discovery Channel?!

*The following rant is brought to you in glorious 2-color Niggavision*

Blaxploitation! Ain' it a bitch? As a educated black woman, I gots ta say mah piece on all dis black media lately. I can sum it up in four words, in fact:

Seems like since ol' man Obama-lama-ding-dong took office, people been all up in dis nigga's GRILL 'bout black in th' media. I mean, looket dis shizzle. The Frog Princess? Life, narrated by Oprah Winfery? Through the Wormhole, narrated by MORGAN FUCKIN' FREEMAN?1 WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!? Even Bill fuckin' COSBY'S got some commercial deal now! Don't act like y'all don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Dem blacks done gone permeated my fuckin' telly! We black folk, we be known fer our damn good looks and our pimpin' rides, not our... our... ........eeeeeeeeeeehhhh.....

I'll level with ya folks. I really don't give a rat's ass one way or another 'bout the increase of "black media" since we became a Muslim nation in 2009. I don't care enough ta RANT about it anyway. Not even MOCKINGLY like I'd planned. But I HAVE noticed it. It does kinda feel like "Blaxploitation" all over again, 'cept we're bein' shown in a more positive light. I kind of APPLAUD th' fact blacks aren't just bein' show on Court TV and BET these days, even showin' up on nerdy crap like I mentioned, but it still feels ta me like some kinda weirdass anti-nigger Blaxploitation; that is ta say, "Black is the new white" and such. What do you folks think? Aside from the obvious question of "Wait a minute, you're black?" I AM. And it doesn't matter ta me. Even if it matters ta YOU. ;P
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Hey smilin' strange.
You're lookin' happily deranged.
Could you settle to shoot me?
Or have you picked your target yet?

Hey Sandy
Don't you talk back,
Hey Sandy...

Four feet away
End of speech, it's the end of the day
We was only funnin'
But guiltily I thought you had it comin'

Hey Sandy
Don't you talk back,
Hey Sandy...