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Obama Obama Obama Obama

2009: Obama enters office, having won (bought) the national election.
Mid-2009: Black people hate Obama because he's not a "bro".
2009-2012: Jessie hears all about Obama from friends and family.
2011: Jessie finally starts actively caring about politics and looks into Obama.
2012: Jessie watches the post State of the Union Google+ Hangout. Jessie is extremely disappointed.

President Barack Hussein Obama is the worst president ever. I'm not saying this because "everything is all his fault". That's just the problem! Nothing is his fault! Obama's loves to pass the buck on any problems people have! Obama just sits there in his ivory tower playing his games (Well, he is a "president of the digital age"...) while the world tries and fails to run itself. He appoints people to positions of power and doesn't actually keep tabs on what the fuck they're doing!
He may have words of kindness and hope for the people of the United States and the world, but you know something? His words don't mean a thing if you really listen to them. You could ask him how the weather is and he'll tell you something like "Well, the weather outside may not be to everyone's liking, but we have plans set in motion to always make sure that the weather is pleasant in the eyes of the people." I mean, I know that the president has to be a song-and-dance man by nature. They all were! (Except Reagen, I hear.) But Obama isn't even trying to stay on-topic when he goes off on a tangent.
But maybe that's his plan... Say nothing, do nothing, confuse the people into thinking that he's actually being an effective figurehead. I wager it works on most people, too. But not me! I listened very carefully to what he was saying during that G+ thing. And he said nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. He acknowledged the questions then babbled on about something completely unrelated for five minutes. Well, except one question that was asked. A 50-year old lady asked if the president had anything in his plans for people like her who can't get employed and the president, in his own roundabout way, actually said "No." His exact words were "It's difficult for people in their mid-50s to find employment in this day and age", despite the fact two questions prior he said "our economy has never been better"... which just reinforces my belief that he has no fucking idea what's actually going on in the country!

Whew... Political rants. Never thought I'd be doing that. Heh. Funny how curiosity can change a person's interests, eh?
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