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Suspended for 24 Hours on Fur Affinity

I wasn't originally going to post this here, but since it was removed from Fur Affinity with no explanation, and since I'm currently suspended for 24 hours due to said entry, I'll post it here:
Alright. Now that I've calmed down, let's be serious for a moment. Here's what happened.

I've been watching the artist technicolor_pie for a while now. I genuinely enjoyed her art. Until recently, I honestly didn't know she was friends with kayla-la, who hates me because of my extremely close association to josephcollins. Kayla-La banned me from her user page for time ago. I wrote a journal about that when I found out, explaining the above as to why I think she blocked me. (Though for all I know, she just plain doesn't like me for some unknown reason.) I was disappointed.

Moving right along, I've only once directly contacted her through Pie's page, and that was just to say I didn't know she watched Pie. That was it. Until recently, however. Pie drew Kayla-La a gift badge thing, seen here, and I naturally felt compelled to comment on it. My comment? Something like this:
That's definitely stressed. But not as stressed as it could be! Watch!

*Lights Dani on fire*

See? What did I-- oh. Oh, that's not "stressed". That's "OHMYGODI'MONFIREWHATTHEFFF--". :x"

I thought I was being funny. That's what I do. But I guess when Kayla-La saw it, she didn't find it amusing. She told Pie, Pie told dragoneer, and Dragoneer left me a cheerful comment:
I would advise you to cease and desist contact with the user. They have blocked you, and have asked you prior to contact them no further. Any attempts to circumvent their block or leave lil' passive aggressive comments like this will not be tolerated.

Please re-read the Code of Conduct in the Terms of Service, and consider their terms before commenting in the future.
On top of that, I found out Pie deleted the original comment AND blocked me from her page. That's when I decided hysterics were in order.

Now, it's 9:05 PM EDT and I'm a little calmer. Dragoneer and I discussed this matter through notes and it ended with me thanking him for his time and going on my merry way. Not so secretly, I'm extremely disappointed with how this matter was handled. Not with Dragoneer, but with Kayla-La and Pie. Kayla-La needs to get that stick out of her ass. As for Pie? Well, she's a coward. They both are, really. Would it have been so hard to simply pull me aside and explain that my comments were making Kayla-La upset? Apparently it was. Otherwise someone would have said something.

All and all, I'm disappointed with everyone but Dragoneer.

Now, it's 11:21 PM. I'm suspended for about... 23 more hours. I've written a note to Dragoneer politely asking why I was suspended and my journal entry deleted. As far as I know, I didn't say "go harass these users". The worst thing I said, as you can see, is that Kayla-La needs to get that stick out of her butt and that Pie is a coward. But I guess that ultimately, it boils down to "proper protocol" and "it's not your site. You just use it". So whatever...
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