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Jessica U. Ingmann [userpic]

Spicy Taco-Flavored Pepperoni Lean Pocket Burrito Sandwich

September 25th, 2010 (05:20 am)

New at Taco Bell, The Jack-in-the-Box! $4.99! Get yours today!

Okay, so I just ate THE MOST redundant thing I can ever recall eatin'! I just ate what I like ta call...a "Spicy Taco-Flavored Pepperoni Lean Pocket Burrito Sandwich"! Let me explain.
I was gonna eat a Pepperoni Lean Pocket, right? Then I got silly with it. I grabbed a flour tortilla and wrapped it around the Lean Pocket. This in itself was pretty tasty AND it looked nice! However, I THEN thought ta myself, "Wait. What's the next logical step?" The answer? SANDWICH BREAD!! But oh no, I didn't stop there! B'fore I jammed that Pepperoni Lean Pocket Burrito inta those slices'a bread, I smeared up some HOT sauce and TACO sauce on either slice! Lemme tell ya folks... As bready as it was, it was effing DELICIOUS! X9 I'd GLADLY do it again! This snack food is a KING among snack food! Or at least the perfect snack fer people who believe in OVERKILL WITH A VENGEANCE. XD

Also new this month, the STFUinator! 5 lbs of SOLID MEAT. It's a manly meal fer men. And women. Who feel manly. Also, pregnant women.