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Obama Obama Obama Obama

2009: Obama enters office, having won (bought) the national election.
Mid-2009: Black people hate Obama because he's not a "bro".
2009-2012: Jessie hears all about Obama from friends and family.
2011: Jessie finally starts actively caring about politics and looks into Obama.
2012: Jessie watches the post State of the Union Google+ Hangout. Jessie is extremely disappointed.

President Barack Hussein Obama is the worst president ever. I'm not saying this because "everything is all his fault". That's just the problem! Nothing is his fault! Obama's loves to pass the buck on any problems people have! Obama just sits there in his ivory tower playing his games (Well, he is a "president of the digital age"...) while the world tries and fails to run itself. He appoints people to positions of power and doesn't actually keep tabs on what the fuck they're doing!
He may have words of kindness and hope for the people of the United States and the world, but you know something? His words don't mean a thing if you really listen to them. You could ask him how the weather is and he'll tell you something like "Well, the weather outside may not be to everyone's liking, but we have plans set in motion to always make sure that the weather is pleasant in the eyes of the people." I mean, I know that the president has to be a song-and-dance man by nature. They all were! (Except Reagen, I hear.) But Obama isn't even trying to stay on-topic when he goes off on a tangent.
But maybe that's his plan... Say nothing, do nothing, confuse the people into thinking that he's actually being an effective figurehead. I wager it works on most people, too. But not me! I listened very carefully to what he was saying during that G+ thing. And he said nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. He acknowledged the questions then babbled on about something completely unrelated for five minutes. Well, except one question that was asked. A 50-year old lady asked if the president had anything in his plans for people like her who can't get employed and the president, in his own roundabout way, actually said "No." His exact words were "It's difficult for people in their mid-50s to find employment in this day and age", despite the fact two questions prior he said "our economy has never been better"... which just reinforces my belief that he has no fucking idea what's actually going on in the country!

Whew... Political rants. Never thought I'd be doing that. Heh. Funny how curiosity can change a person's interests, eh?
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Stop Online Piracy Act

A serious journal entry from Jessica U. Ingmann? Sure. Why not.
Crossposted from this journal entry
So, the SOPA bill is looming over our heads and scaring a majority of us in varying degrees of frenzy. As you said, this may have been the goal all along; to scare people into submission to stop breaking copyright laws. However, did congress and Hollywood really think this through? For a long time, I've been thinking about this bill and what it entails. The more I think about it, the less I like it.

The bill, for those who aren't aware, basically states that unless you own the copyright -- or have forked over the dough for and have proof of legal usage of the copyright -- to whatever you're doing, the copyright holder has the right to sue you for up to I think it was) $5,000.00 or jail you for up to 10 years, depending on the severity of the crime. I forget how many strikes you're allowed before the government steps in and takes legal action, but it's some ascetically pleasing number like five or something to be sure.

You might be wondering why this bill even came into existence. I'll tell you why! I could say that the bill came into existence because people were in fact breaking copyright laws and that would be true enough. YouTube is a good example of this. But really? The bill most likely came into being because copyright holders and benefactors take their copyright laws too damn seriously!
Now, I am in no way saying anything like "Step off, I'm not using your content for commercial purposes!" That's irrelevant! If a copyright holder wants you to stop using something of theirs, they have every right in the world to ask you to remove it. But part of the problem is that most companies aren't that polite. Or rather, their legal teams aren't that polite. Most companies won't send you a simple "Please remove X from Y, signed the copyright holders of X". Most companies would rather sue you all because you decided to dub your own voice over an old episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. But they sort of have to be this strict. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that most people would probably ignore a polite take-down notice, claiming "fair use" for something despite the copyright holder not wanting them to use the material for any purpose, even re-posting. People have ignored notices, in fact, generally opening up new accounts on other sites for the same purposes. That in mind, sites like YouTube are actually helping people, regardless of what people think. Why? Because, instead of letting people get sued for millions of dollars over a simple slip-up that they weren't even aware was a slip-up, or as per the aforementioned case, in the likely event people just don't give a damn, they close the account and basically bury the evidence. Sometimes it's "just in case", but other times, there's a genuine threat of legal action looming over someone's head.

So, knowing that, the SOPA bill seems to be an extension of the whole "You can't use that material because we own it" rule. And all because several bad eggs ruined it for the rest of us. But does Hollywood really have to go as far as they are? I'm sure someone said this already, but the bill basically states that you can be fined or jailed not just for posting up the latest Justin Beiber music video, not just for posting a video that uses the latest Blink 182 song as ambient background music, but for even singing a little chunk of a copyrighted song on a whim or possibly even posting the lyrics there-of! You also won't be allowed to do things like video game longplays on YouTube or DailyMotion anymore. You might not even be able to use copyrighted words or phrases in your usernames or the sort without getting in trouble. On the bright side, that does mean no more users like "Lllegolasss" or "SamusAran123" out there. But still, seems a little silly, doesn't it? I'm also not entirely sure if this all extends to the offline realm as well but assuming it does, this means that cover bands will cease to exist. No more public performances of "Still Waiting" by that up-and-coming rock band. Heck, no more video game cover bands like the Minibosses or the NESkimos either! Depending on the severity of the law, you may no longer even be able to hum Karma Chameleon or the Super Mario Bros. theme walking on the street, lest that cop on the corner bring you down to the station.

By the way! This law doesn't just cover the original content. This law covers all copyrighted intellectual property. What does that mean to you, the average art site-goer? I'll explain.
Depending on how absolutely over-the-top copyright holders decide to go, you could get in trouble for drawing a sketch of your favorite fan character! That's right. If the copyright holders decide to go after a site like this for hosting fan art of their intellectual property, you could end up getting in trouble directly. Would this mean the end of Fur Affinity? I'll go ahead and say "no" on this one. But it does possibly mean that all those pictures of Krystal and Fox getting it on that you love so much will be removed. It also means that all those lovely renders and drawings of Tigress Koh has done will be removed and/or his account banned for it! I myself could even be banned because my video game sprites mimic the style of Mega Man 7! This of course also means that sites dedicated solely to fan works, such as Fanart Central and VG Music, will no longer exist!
Oh, but it keeps getting worse and worse. Even your TV shows aren't safe from this particular bill. Remember that one episode of that one show that had Ms. Pac-Man playing on a screen in a cleverly-disguised arcade game as a background object? You won't be seeing things like that again in any future shows. Nor will you see things like Harry Potter posters in kids' rooms or Coca-Cola soda cans strewn about. Not unless a show wants to pay a company to give them free advertising, anyway.

Now, I should mention something. This bill is not retroactive. What this means is that you cannot be sued or jailed for having already posted your remix of "Humoresque of a Little Dog" somewhere or you drew the guys from Double Dragon beating the snot out of the guys from Final Fight. However. If I understand the law correctly, the companies can still go over your head and have the place hosting your content forcefully remove your pride and joy. I foresee a number of YouTube and deviantART accounts closing because of this.
I should also mention that, as of right now, a majority of this law only covers things originating from the United States. If you're some guy in France who's hosting a dub of Powerpuff Girls Z on a site that's hosted in Iraq somewhere, you're perfectly safe. For now. But if you're a British guy with a site in Italy that hosts Powerpuff Girls fan content? Prepare for a knock on your door from the international copyright law people.

Some of the things I've said may be exaggerations of the truth. Some of the things I've said may be ill-informed. Some of the things I've said may even be outright wrong! Some of these things I've said may be pure paranoia talking and a completely bastardization of what the law really says... but given the direction our legal system is going, would it really surprise anyone if most of what I said applies?
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Stick Figure Slapfight!

The easiest way to monetize your content!

Unless you like... do it without telling your users, of course. OOPS.

5:44 AM: Clever forum user "Accountability" finds some odd code in FA's coding relating to VigLink, a tracking service.
12:10 PM: Dragoneer publicly admits this was added in without any user's knowledge -- a violation in FEDERAL LAW as well as plainly contradicting the current ToS
12:36 PM: Fender posts about it on the front page complete with opt-out information.
1:01 PM: Dragoneer admits this has been LIVE for FIVE DAYS already, further incriminating him and associated FA staff.
1:30 PM: Clever forum user moriko notes that the "opt-out" method only works until you clear your cookies, after which you must opt out AGAIN.
2:03 PM: Dragoneer promises to "draft up" a public apology later.

TO HIS CREDIT... Dragoneer has not deleted this forum thread yet (Trpdwarf closed it, but it's still there!) But hey ya know what? This is some fucked up cloak-and-dagger bullshit in my opinion. Why am I there again? Really? They can't be arsed ta fix simple fucking bugs like this one, they're CONSTANTLY bein' DDOSed especially as of late, the people with ANY control over the site are fucking corrupt and easily swayed by popular artists (not to mention incompetant as fuck), and they haven't moved forward with their shit SINCE THE MID 2000s!

Fur Affinity has been floundering for a long LONG time now and I've stuck through it. AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY, TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST. Maybe I ought'a rethink my stance on that site a bit.
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Duke Nukem Forever? Whatever!

So... Just played the Duke Nukem Forever demo. I gotta say, it's pretty! Very pretty indeed! Lotsa fan-service, too, in that it refers ta Duke Nukem 3D right from the get-go. That, and tits. Hell, Duke gets a blowjob after the first missions (which is a remake of the last "official" mission in 3D, by the way.) Lotsa Duke quips, lotsa blood, lotsa vulgarities and tits. You can also pick up and carry a piece of shit around with you. Really! A piece of shit! ... aaaaaaand that's about all it has goin' for it.

From what I played, it's pretty much Halo on steroids. Slow. Simplistic. Limited inventory. (Two weapons and that's it.) TOO FUCKING MANY OBJECTIVES. And o'course, shit vehicle controls. (Since when did Duke even NEED a vehicle?!) Auto-Pistol no longer auto-fires, Shrinker no longer completely disarms enemies, RPG doesn't do as much damage as it should... in fact, MOST weapons don't do as much damage as they used ta! Oh, and there's no Mighty Boot. Rather, the only "Mighty Boot" in the game is DUKE'S FUCKING TRUCK. :| Sure, you can not only melee enemies with whatever weapon you have out at the time but even EXECUTE them, but wasn't it much more satisfying ta give someone a boot ta the backside instead? I think so! Oh, and Pipe Bombs have been reduced to "sub-weapon" status, by the way. I didn't actually try 'em out so I dunno if they A. have a remote detonator, or B. can be thrown in groups like in 3D, so I can't honestly say if they're good or bad. Oh, and Duke's health regenerates now. Almost. EXACTLY. Like a SPARTAN armor shield. (Halo.)

Maybe I'm just too old-school for my own good, but this game just doesn't interest me as much as it should. It's not the fast-paced frenzy 3D was. Duke moves slow, there's likely a number of "triggered sequences" segments, such as having to gun down a buncha Pigcops that drop out of a big dropship, THEN take down said dropship with an RPG. I should mention, you're behind a turret during the Pigcop sequence, with limited visibility, NO mobility, and zero cover. And the dropship has plasma missiles. Which you can't see because it's just ever-so-slightly OUT OF YOUR RANGE OF VIEW. *Phew* It's not a bad game, not at all. It's just... the same damn thing all games have been since Halo and Doom 3. You know? It gets stale after a while... and those of us who grew up on Duke Nukem 3D were more than likely expecting something more... akin to that. At the very least, I was!

Do I plan ta buy it? HA HA, no. But is it worth a look? Certainly. Just don't expect too much from it if you've played Halo, Doom 3, Tribes: Vengeance, or well... I think just about any Call of Duty game? That's might just be my opinion, though.
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Suspended for 24 Hours on Fur Affinity

I wasn't originally going to post this here, but since it was removed from Fur Affinity with no explanation, and since I'm currently suspended for 24 hours due to said entry, I'll post it here:
Alright. Now that I've calmed down, let's be serious for a moment. Here's what happened.

I've been watching the artist technicolor_pie for a while now. I genuinely enjoyed her art. Until recently, I honestly didn't know she was friends with kayla-la, who hates me because of my extremely close association to josephcollins. Kayla-La banned me from her user page for time ago. I wrote a journal about that when I found out, explaining the above as to why I think she blocked me. (Though for all I know, she just plain doesn't like me for some unknown reason.) I was disappointed.

Moving right along, I've only once directly contacted her through Pie's page, and that was just to say I didn't know she watched Pie. That was it. Until recently, however. Pie drew Kayla-La a gift badge thing, seen here, and I naturally felt compelled to comment on it. My comment? Something like this:
That's definitely stressed. But not as stressed as it could be! Watch!

*Lights Dani on fire*

See? What did I-- oh. Oh, that's not "stressed". That's "OHMYGODI'MONFIREWHATTHEFFF--". :x"

I thought I was being funny. That's what I do. But I guess when Kayla-La saw it, she didn't find it amusing. She told Pie, Pie told dragoneer, and Dragoneer left me a cheerful comment:
I would advise you to cease and desist contact with the user. They have blocked you, and have asked you prior to contact them no further. Any attempts to circumvent their block or leave lil' passive aggressive comments like this will not be tolerated.

Please re-read the Code of Conduct in the Terms of Service, and consider their terms before commenting in the future.
On top of that, I found out Pie deleted the original comment AND blocked me from her page. That's when I decided hysterics were in order.

Now, it's 9:05 PM EDT and I'm a little calmer. Dragoneer and I discussed this matter through notes and it ended with me thanking him for his time and going on my merry way. Not so secretly, I'm extremely disappointed with how this matter was handled. Not with Dragoneer, but with Kayla-La and Pie. Kayla-La needs to get that stick out of her ass. As for Pie? Well, she's a coward. They both are, really. Would it have been so hard to simply pull me aside and explain that my comments were making Kayla-La upset? Apparently it was. Otherwise someone would have said something.

All and all, I'm disappointed with everyone but Dragoneer.

Now, it's 11:21 PM. I'm suspended for about... 23 more hours. I've written a note to Dragoneer politely asking why I was suspended and my journal entry deleted. As far as I know, I didn't say "go harass these users". The worst thing I said, as you can see, is that Kayla-La needs to get that stick out of her butt and that Pie is a coward. But I guess that ultimately, it boils down to "proper protocol" and "it's not your site. You just use it". So whatever...
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is AWESOME

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Episode 1 (Part 1)

Seriously. SERIOUSLY awesome. 8D No matter who ya are, it's got somethin' fer everyone! Cute, funny, silly, dark, chatty, story-oriented... This has gotta be th' best damn thing ta come outta th' last few years of animation. And it's on Discovery's newest reformatted channel, "The Hub", which has SEVERAL cool shows like Batman Beyond, Strawberry Shortcake, and Atomic Betty! My weekends just got a whole hell of a lot more awesome. c:

Spicy Taco-Flavored Pepperoni Lean Pocket Burrito Sandwich

New at Taco Bell, The Jack-in-the-Box! $4.99! Get yours today!

Okay, so I just ate THE MOST redundant thing I can ever recall eatin'! I just ate what I like ta call...a "Spicy Taco-Flavored Pepperoni Lean Pocket Burrito Sandwich"! Let me explain.
I was gonna eat a Pepperoni Lean Pocket, right? Then I got silly with it. I grabbed a flour tortilla and wrapped it around the Lean Pocket. This in itself was pretty tasty AND it looked nice! However, I THEN thought ta myself, "Wait. What's the next logical step?" The answer? SANDWICH BREAD!! But oh no, I didn't stop there! B'fore I jammed that Pepperoni Lean Pocket Burrito inta those slices'a bread, I smeared up some HOT sauce and TACO sauce on either slice! Lemme tell ya folks... As bready as it was, it was effing DELICIOUS! X9 I'd GLADLY do it again! This snack food is a KING among snack food! Or at least the perfect snack fer people who believe in OVERKILL WITH A VENGEANCE. XD

Also new this month, the STFUinator! 5 lbs of SOLID MEAT. It's a manly meal fer men. And women. Who feel manly. Also, pregnant women.
Me on Robo the Robot!

Filtch of Gammon: A Love Story

Man oh man, I keep fergettin' ta link this!

It's my biggest an' best project EVER! Here's a copypasta from th' video desc:
It's been a while since I uploaded somethin' ta YouTube I know. Well...I've been workin' on somethin' positively special! Me and all my friends put this movie together and we think it's good enough ta rival ANY'A those "independent short films" out there.

Not ta spoil too much, but this IS a romance movie. 'cuz I love love. :D It's a delightful story about Rashiir Gammon and a nomad named Pan Settha (played by awesome me!) and their journeys across the fictitious desert of 1791 Polq R'ostt. Don't worry though 'cuz there's plenty'a action and adventure as well as drama, tension, a lil' bit'a comedy, more drama, and even a happy ending for the main characters!

At 10 minutes in length (not countin' credits), this film took months an' months of hard work ta make. I really, really hope y'all enjoy it. I'm really proud'a how this turned out. X3
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